Saturday, December 5, 2009


New wave lyricist and homie JimmyHennec is continuing to burn up the radio waves and stages down in South Georgia/North Florida area. Hennec's mixtape titled "Welcome to Pluto" is still pumping on ITunes as a fan favorite. With his hit single "BYE BYE" produced by "The Beat Fanatix" he has become a rising star throughout all of Georgia and Florida. Being born on a different planet explains the reason why he's SOOOO DIGITAL. Everyday is a hustle for all of us out in the cyberworld, but in the real world a hustle for JimmyHennec is jumping from studio to studio, stage to stage and radio station to station. By his side Big Nick Georgia's radio personality, manager and hype man work to assist Hennec in perfecting his craft.


"The Planet Rock Tour" is coming to a city near you!

The tour with be starring: Jimmy HenneC

with his hit singles: "BYE BYE Haters, Swagga Shadez, Feels Like Xtacy" and MORE!!!!
We would like to invite you out to have a great time and party!

Check out the album on iTUNES:

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